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Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall!
Ages 8-12
ISBN: 9781484714522
Price: $13.99
Published by: Disney Publishing Worldwide

Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall!

by Tom Angleberger
After battling deadly space piranhas in Sector 7 of the Cosmos, Rocket and Groot crash-land on a planet made up of strip malls, maniacal robots bent on customer service, and killer toilets – yes, killer toilets! Told through the eyes of Rocket, the Adventures of Rocket and Groot will feature simple black-and-white drawing throughout, as Rocket uses a space stylus to express his adventures, visually, while Veronica, their space recording companion, lays out the adventure in text! Granted, the drawings are done by a space Raccoon with a bad attitude, but what would happen if he gave Groot a shot to draw an adventure they had been on? what would we get? We’ll find out in the final chapter!
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