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Rock-a-Bye Romp
Ages 1-up
Illustrated by: Simona Mulazzani
ISBN: 9780399171505
Price: $16.99
Published by: Penguin Young Readers Group

Rock-a-Bye Romp

by Laura Ashman
Turning a beloved lullaby on its head, this wonderful read-aloud pairs playful text and enchanting paintings to create a rollicking escapade with a clever premise and a cozy conclusion.

“Rock-a-bye, Baby, in the treetop. How did you ever get so high up?”

That’s a good question—and this delightful book weaves a gentle fantasy around the baby who finds himself in that very predicament! A marvelous adventure ensues, taking Baby from the tree branches to a farm full of animals to a ride down the river, and finally on a flight through the night sky into the safety of Mama’s arms.
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