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Riding Invisible
Ages 12-18
Illustrated by: Nathan Huang
ISBN: 9781423118985
Price: $15.99
Published by: Disney Publishing Worldwide

Riding Invisible

by Sandra Alonzo

Fifteen-year-old Yancy runs away from home on the night his brother viciously attacks his horse, Shy. With just a backpack, a flashlight, his horse, and a journal, Yancy takes to the California desert on a journey of self-discovery. There he will learn the hardships of being homeless, experience his first kiss, and meet a Mexican laborer, Tavo, who has a thing or two to teach him about life and love. Debut novelist Sandra Alonzo creates an honest portrait of a family dealing with mental disease. Illustrator Nathan Huang captures the humor and angst of a teenager who needs more than words to make his point.