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Poppy’s Best Paper
Ages 5-8
Illustrated by: Rosalinde Bonnet
ISBN: 9781580896146
Price: $15.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

Poppy’s Best Paper

by Susan Eaddy
Poppy is an energetic and imaginative rabbit who plans to become a verrryyy famous writer when she grows up. When Mrs. Rose assigns each day’s writing topic, Poppy cannot wait to share her writing chops with the class. She’s sure that she’ll be selected to read her paper aloud in class. Poppy can hardly wait to put pencil to paper when she gets home each day. However, her writing sessions end up including a lot of breaks and after two days in a row of not being chosen to read aloud, Poppy’s frustration gets the best of her. She forgets that genius is 99% perspiration, and her feelings of envy burst her bubble. With a combination of focus, determination, and modesty, Poppy creates her best paper and is invited to read it aloud in class. Poppy beams with pride and parades her Grade “A” paper around the house for mom, dad, baby brother, and Mr. Fuzz Dog. Rosalinde Bonnet’s adorable and detailed illustrations bring Poppy and her classmates to life in this story of honing your craft and putting your best work forward.
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