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Monty the Hero
Ages 2-5
Illustrated by: Steve Smallman
ISBN: 9781609929220
Price: $15.95
Published by: Quarto Children's Group USA

Monty the Hero

by Steve Smallman
Monty the mole’s favorite bedtime story is about a hero, a monster and a magic wand. Monty wants to be a hero too so he sneaks out at night in search of adventure. He meets Herbert the hedgehog and together they decide to be heroes and search for magic. Monty finds a conker shell and uses it as a helmet for protection in case they meet a monster! And they do – along comes a grumpy badger but Herbert uses his spikes to send him on his way. Then Herbert tumbles down a hole and it’s Monty’s chance to be a hero and help his friend. The heroes continue on their adventure and find what they think is a magic wand – a dandelion. They shake it but all the magic seems to disappear – or does it? Will Monty’s wish come true? Beautifully illustrated, QEB’s Storytime introduces children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Discussion points for parents and teachers are also included.
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