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Lost. Found.
Ages 3-6
Illustrated by: Matthew Cordell
ISBN: 9781626720176
Price: $16.99
Published by: HarperCollins Children's Books

Lost. Found.

by Marsha Diane Arnold
On a wintry day, a bear loses his soft red scarf. The wind carries it *whoosh* to a pair of raccoons who use it to play tug-o-war. When they run off, a beaver dons the scarf as the perfect winter hat…until it gets tangled on a tree branch. The scarf is lost and found by a series of animals, including a fox and a couple of rascally squirrels, who use it as everything from a swing to a trampoline.

When all the animals lay claim to the scarf at once, calamity ensues that can only be fixed by a bear, a little patience, and friendship, in this nearly wordless, clever picture book.
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