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GOA Kids – Goats of Anarchy: Piney the Goat Nanny
Ages 3-6
Illustrated by: Jill Howarth
ISBN: 9781633223325
Price: $17.95
Published by: Quarto Children's Group USA

GOA Kids – Goats of Anarchy: Piney the Goat Nanny

by Leanne Lauricella
Piney the Goat Nanny tells the true story of Piney, a rescued pig who came to live with Leanne Lauricella, the barnyard rescuer behind the hugely popular Instagram account Goats of Anarchy.
Piney, a pig with a heart of gold, spends his days looking after the goats that live in Leanne's animal sanctuary and home. The perfect tale to inspire and delight animal lovers, Piney the Goat Nanny pairs beautiful illustrations and real-life photos of Piney the pig with a truly heartwarming tale readers of all ages will adore.
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