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LEGO Absolutely Everything You Need to Know
Ages 7-up
ISBN: 9781465464118
Price: $19.99
Published by: DK Publishing, Inc.

LEGO Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

by DK
The ultimate collection of LEGO® facts and minifigures in brick-sized bites of trivia.
Can you believe that a wooden duck was one of the LEGO® Group’s first toys? Or that 68,000 LEGO pieces are created every minute? Did you know that the evil Overlord is the only NINJAGO® minifigure to wear a skirt? Or that you’ll find a LEGO croissant piece inside 44 LEGO sets? This book is crammed full of fun and fascinating trivia for LEGO fans of every age. From miniscule minifigure mugs to the largest LEGOLAND® model, it covers all the places, populations, pieces, and themes that make up the LEGO world. Produced in collaboration with the LEGO® Group.
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