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Ladies First: 40 Daring American Women Who Were Second to None
Ages 10 and up
ISBN: 9780792253938
Price: $18.95
Published by: National Geographic Children's Books

Ladies First: 40 Daring American Women Who Were Second to None

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Ladies First introduces young readers to 40 American women of achievement who were first in their field. A full-page portrait begins each informative three-page profile. The life stories of these women are as inspiring as they are diverse. The book provides a vital starting point for report writers and researchers, and a rich source of information for fact lovers of all ages.

A rich source of educational and historic material for students, the book also highlights inspirational role models for girls.

Author Elizabeth Cody Kimmel presents a rich cross-section of profiles from a broad range of endeavors.

Which American woman became the first to win three gold medals at a single Olympics? Who was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest? Who was New York’s first female firefighter? And who was the first woman to command a U.S. Navy warship?

The answers to all these questions are in this engaging National Geographic title that belongs in every home, school, and library where young women are encouraged to strive toward greatness.
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