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Journey Around the World (Playmobil)
Ages 6-12
ISBN: 9781633220799
Price: $19.95
Published by: Quarto Children's Group USA

Journey Around the World (Playmobil)

by Richard Unglik

Discover with Playmobil the most marvelous places on earth with this fully illustrated travel journal–its peoples, their cultures, and their habits. Richard Unglik, a professional photographer and child at heart, uses Playmobil figurines and scenery to depict different parts of the world and its exotic peoples and places. Each double page showcases a country, city, or civilization, along with its traditions and customs. More than 25 countries from around the globe are portrayed and shown on a large, pull-out map of the world. This heartwarming atlas of the world is something that readers of all ages will enjoy.

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