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Job Wanted
Ages 5-8
Illustrated by: Chris Sheban
ISBN: 9780823433919
Price: $16.95
Published by: Holiday House, Inc.

Job Wanted

by Teresa Bateman
An old farm dog proves he can learn plenty of new tricks in this perfect read-aloud.
A sorry-looking hound plods up to a farmer to ask for a job. “Dogs just eat and don’t give anything back,” the farmer gripes. Most animals would be on their way, but this dog dreams up a plucky plan. Why not try to work alongside the cows? The Farmer is thankful but unmoved. Still undeterred, Dog tries to convince the farmer that he could be a good stand-in for a horse and a chicken. It isn’t until Dog shines in a role that only a canine could fill that the farmer is finally won over.
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