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How the Moon Regained Her Shape
Ages 6-10
Illustrated by: Ben Hodson
ISBN: 9780976494348
Price: $15.95
Published by: Sylvan Dell Publishing

How the Moon Regained Her Shape

by Janet Ruth Heller

This fascinating story influenced by Native American folktales explains why the moon changes shape and helps children deal with bullies. After the sun insults and bullies her, the moon feels so badly hurt that she shrinks and leaves the sky. The moon turns to a comet and her many friends on earth to comfort her. Her friends include rabbits and Native Americans. Then she regains her full shape, happiness, and self-esteem. The moon also returns to her orbit. An educational appendix called “For Creative Minds” gives advice about bullying, scientific information about the moon, and ideas for related crafts, recipes, and games for children.