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Hatshepsut of Egypt
Ages 9-13
Illustrated by: Albert Nguyen
ISBN: 9780984509805
Price: $18.95
Published by: Goosebottom Books

Hatshepsut of Egypt

by Shirin Yim Bridges
When explorers first chipped a hole through a wall and shined a light into Tutankhamun’s tomb, everything it touched glinted with gold and gleamed with silver. The boy-king so surrounded by this treasure would become one of the most famous names in history. But it was a less famous princess who had accumulated a lot of the wealth that was buried in that tomb. Her name was Hatshepsut. How did she make Egypt so rich? And how did she come to be buried, like Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings?

Richly illustrated and narrated with humor, this book brings to life the story of a real and remarkable princess who had the nerve to declare herself Pharaoh.

Amelia Bloomer Project Recommended Feminist Book for Youth

Junior Library Guild Selection

Independent Publishers’ Book Awards Silver Medal

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