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Goodnight, Numbers
Ages 2-5
Illustrated by: Alicia Padron
ISBN: 9781101933787
Price: $16.99
Published by: Random House Children's Books

Goodnight, Numbers

by Danica McKellar

New York Times bestseller, actress, and math whiz, Danica McKellar presents the importance of teaching math at an early age in this charming bedtime story–the first of her line of math-inspired children’s books.

Goodnight Numbers teaches children numbers one to ten in an accessible way, and helps them recognize that numbers appear around us every day. Accompanied by the charming illustrations of Alicia Padron, which capture the loving bond between diverse sets of parents and child, Goodnight, Numbers is a must-read bedtime book for children beginning to learn the basics of counting and number recognition by saying goodnight to the objects around them.

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