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Gift Tag
Ages 4-14
Illustrated by: Sylvia Vardell
ISBN: 9781937057121
Price: $2.99
Published by: Pomelo Books

Gift Tag

by Ed. Sylvia Vardell & Janet Wong
In the e-book Gift Tag, 28 poets from the PoetryTagTime and P*TAG e-books reflect on a wide variety of holiday subjects. Jane Yolen launches the holiday season with a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie; Douglas Florian sets us spinning with dreidels; Lee Bennett Hopkins reminds us of the meaning of Christmas; and Helen Frost and Lorie Ann Grover urge us to peek more closely at the Christmas tree. Jeannine Atkins and Ann Whitford Paul fill us with the sweet smell of cookies in the oven; and Julie Larios and Laura Purdie Salas remind us of the magic of homemade, handmade gifts; Amy Ludwig VanDerwater celebrates the gift of snow. And who better than J. Patrick Lewis to finish the anthology— and start the new year—with Happy Mew Year’s Day (for Cats)!
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