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Geeky Fab 5 vol. 1: It’s Not Rocket Science
Ages 7-Up
Illustrated by: Ryan Jampole
ISBN: 9781545801222
Price: $12.99
Published by: Papercutz

Geeky Fab 5 vol. 1: It’s Not Rocket Science

by Lucy Lareau and Liz Lareau
Who says girls can’t do science and tech? The Geeky Fab Five girls prove otherwise!

Lucy Monroe’s first day at Earhart Elementary is one for the yearbook: By recess she has launched herself off the rusty monkey bars and ended up face down onto the blacktop. The principal closes the rickety playground, and now the whole school is mad! What’s a new girl to do? Create a band of geeky friends to build a cool new playground together! Easy, right?

Join Lucy, the gang, Hubble the snarky kitty, and their TV reporter buddy, Suzy Pundergast, to find out if they can prove the meanies wrong because when girls stick together, anything is possible!
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