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Gabe: A Story of Me, My Dog, and the 1970s
Ages 8-12
Illustrated by: Marc Scheff
ISBN: 9781570913549
Price: $12.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

Gabe: A Story of Me, My Dog, and the 1970s

by Shelley Gill

Author Shelley Gill was seventeen-years-old in 1972 and a free spirit protesting the Vietnam War, marching for civil rights, and finding her way in a changing world. While volunteering in the medical tent at the first Rainbow Gathering in Granby, Colorado, Shelley met Gabe—a blue Merle husky mix puppy abandoned by his owner. Gabe quickly became Shelley’s best friend and protector. They traveled the country together, hitchhiking to New Orleans, to Indiana, to New York City, to the Rocky Mountains, and eventually to Alaska, where they stayed.

Shelley Gill has lived full-force, grabbing life by the horns and not letting go. Her spirit and attitude are ever-present in this autobiography, which is a snapshot of a turbulent time in American history, as well as a love-letter to cherished dog.

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