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CBC Showcase:
Endeavour’s Long Journey
Ages 7-10
Illustrated by: Gayle Garner Roski
ISBN: 9780985623722
Price: $19.95
Published by: East West Discovery Press

Endeavour’s Long Journey

by John D. Olivas

Endeavour’s Long Journey is a “Story Time From Space” Official Book Selection. The book brings the fascinating history of space shuttle Endeavour to life through a journey to space with a young boy Jojo. Exploring space with the shuttle, Jojo learns about Endeavour’s extraordinary contribution to space science, and its famous service missions including the Hubble Space Telescope. The book also features stunning NASA photos, fun facts, famous firsts and quizzes to inspire kids in STEM.

Book awards include the International Latino Book Awards in Best Educational Children’s Picture Book, the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards, and the Delaware State Reading Association Children’s Choices Finalist.

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