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Butterfly Counting
Ages 3-7
Illustrated by: Shennen Bersani
ISBN: 9781570914140
Price: $17.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

Butterfly Counting

by Jerry Pallotta
Butterflies live on every continent on earth, except for Antarctica. There are hundreds of varieties and they come in so many beautiful colors, it seems impossible to count them all. Start with twenty-five. Plus one penguin and one grasshopper. Start with the number zero. Zero butterflies in Antarctica. See one red Zarinda and learn that butterflies have one curly proboscis that they use to sip liquid. Keep looking to count up to twenty-five Piano Keys, and see how they got their name—their beautiful black, red, and white wings look like they could make music. Young readers are not only guided through the numbers zero to twenty-five, they learn fascinating facts about butterflies, as well as how to say “butterfly” in twenty-eight different languages, including Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, and English.
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