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Burton and the Christmas Tree
Ages 5-10
Illustrated by: Nathaniel P. Jensen
ISBN: 9781589852068
Price: $11.95
Published by: Five Star Publications, Inc.

Burton and the Christmas Tree

by V.A. Boeholt
Mr. Arbor’s Christmas Tree Farm is known for its superior trees. When Firry, a proud Douglas fir, is damaged and discarded on his way to the tree lot, he soon learns that being first rate means much more than being the finest tree in the field. Rescued and repaired by Burton the Scarecrow and his little woodland friends, Firry, who was once known for his bragging, finally discovers the true feeling of Christmas. Book 4 in the delightful Friendship Tales from the Farm series. V.A. Boeholt’s endearing holiday message helps young readers appreciate diversity as Firry finds his special purpose.
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