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Benny Breakiron #1
Ages 7 and up
Illustrated by: Peyo and Will
ISBN: 9781597074094
Price: $11.99
Published by: Papercutz

Benny Breakiron #1

by Peyo
Benny Breakiron is an honest, polite little boy with an exceptional quality: he possesses superhuman strength, can leap over huge distances, and can run unbelievably fast! This little kid packs quite a punch, and he devotes his play time to stopping crime and injustice. In this first volume, a new taxi service has moved into Benny’s town threatening to put Benny’s friend, taxi driver Mr. Dussiflard, out of business. The more Benny learns about the Red Taxi Company, the more he realizes something isn’t right. Who’s behind this mysterious enterprise, and just what are they up to? Benny aims to find out and put a stop to it once and for all, and hopefully keep the property damage to a minimum!
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