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Beautiful Blue World
Ages 8-12
ISBN: 9780385743006
Price: $16.99
Published by: Random House Children's Books

Beautiful Blue World

by Suzanne LaFleur

A thrilling and moving story of children who become a key to winning a war.

At twelve, Mathilde Joss is the oldest child in a loving family. Her country has been at war for years, and now, bombing and food shortages increase. She and her best friend Megs know that as long as they’re together, they can survive. When the Army announces that children over twelve can take a test to be chosen to serve their country, and that the families of children who serve will be well paid, Mathilde decides to take the test to help her family, even though she knows that brilliant Megs will be selected, not Mathilde. How will Mathilde endure without her? 

But Mathilde is the one child chosen from her city. She must leave her family and Megs, perhaps forever, and go to a vast manor hidden in the country, full of kids who are geniuses at codes, or strategy. Mathilde has no talents–why is she there? Then she’s given her assignment: Befriend a dangerous prisoner of war. Learn his secrets before the enemy finds the manor.

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