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Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet
Ages 7-10
ISBN: 9781596439771
Price: $13.99
Published by: National Geographic Kids

Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet

by Nick Bruel
When Kitty is happy and healthy, everything is perfect. She jumps around, eats everything in sight and has the energy to keep slobbering puppies in their place. But when she’s sick, all she can do is lie in her bed. Looks like it’s time for this sick kitty to go… to the vet.

When Kitty’s family finally manages to get their clawing, angry pet into the doctor’s office, it’s a wild adventure for Kitty who has to get the most dreaded thing of all…a shot. Once administered, Kitty is cast into an ingenious dream within a dream sequence in which she has to make right by puppy or risk being shut out of PussyCat heaven forever.

This 9th installment of the popular Bad Kitty series is chock full of brilliant supporting characters and of course, the crankiest bad kitty you’ve ever seen.
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