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Avram’s Gift
Ages 7-12
Illustrated by: Laurie McGaw
ISBN: 9780962416620
ISBN (paperback): 9780962416637
Price: $15.95
Price (paperback): $7.95
Published by: MB Publishing, LLC

Avram’s Gift

by Margie Blumberg

Eight-year-old Mark has two wishes: To become a shofar-blower—just like his High Holiday hero—and to make that photograph of his great-great-grandfather Avram disappear from the hallway in his new home. When the family gathers for Rosh Hashanah, though, Mark discovers that his own desire to blow the shofar is actually linked to a hope that the unsmiling man in the photograph once had. Avram’s Gift is a charming portrait of a family and how their lives—past and present—mingle to make wishes come true.

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