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Hot Off the Press:
A House in the Sky, and Other Uncommon Animal Homes
Ages 3-7
Illustrated by: Robbin Gourley
ISBN: 9781580897808
Price: $16.99
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

A House in the Sky, and Other Uncommon Animal Homes

by Steve Jenkins
Caldecott Honor recipient Steve Jenkins gives young readers a tour of the residences of fourteen different animals.
Some animals build nests, some live in holes in the ground, and some even live in books! Turtles, birds, fish, beavers, and kangaroos are just like people—they need homes, and take up residence in unusual places. Readers get a glimpse of the similarities between human and animal homes with sidebars that detail the unique qualities of each animal and its home.

Robbin Gourley’s stylized yet realistic watercolor illustrations prove that nonfiction can be accurate and elegant.

Backmatter includes more information about each animal—their habits and their habitats.
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