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A Dragon’s Guide to Making Your Human Smarter
Ages 8-12
Illustrated by: Mary GrandPre
ISBN: 9780385392327
Price: $16.99
Published by: Random House Children's Books

A Dragon’s Guide to Making Your Human Smarter

by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder
The second installment in the whimsical fantasy series by award-winning authors Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder.

Winnie is challenged to adapt to a new school for girls where teaching is anything but ordinary and where the eclectic student body includes magicals as well as humans. Imagine being taught science by Sir Isaac Newton and getting to meet Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. While Winnie uses her wits to find her own way, Miss Drake is secretly trying to discover and foil a new plot by Winnie’s grandfather to gain custody of her. Can they stop Jarvis once and for all? Will Winnie shape her future and become the person she wants to be?
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