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A CatFish Tale
Ages 2-8
Illustrated by: Cameron Bennett
ISBN: 9780982852934
Price: $19.99
Published by: Helpingwords

A CatFish Tale

by Kathy Brodsky
 A CatFish Tale is a very funny story that focuses on friendship and loyalty. It’s about going “above and beyond” for a good friend, being responsible, and learning how to overcome challenges. The characters – a cat, a penguin, and fish – are delightful, and the reader will laugh out loud at the unlikely friendships that are a model for diversity and tolerance.

The story is told in rhyme, with wonderful hand-painted illustrations. All parts of the book were conceived, written, and printed in the United States.

The book is an excellent resource for teachers, library story hours, parents, grandparents, any caregiver, etc. Life-skills discussion questions that delve into friendship, responsibility, making good choices when faced with temptation, and geography, help to create a dynamic and fun learning experience for everyone!

A CatFish Tale was in the top ten of the Children’s Choices Awards and it also won Creative Child Magazine Picture Book of the Year Award. In addition to the hardcover edition, A CatFish Tale ebook is available via Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook Kids, and Apple iBookStore.
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