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CBC Hosts “Behind the Panels: Advice and Insight to Children’s Graphic Novel Sales”

November 10, 2016

The CBC Graphic Novel Committee hosted a panel on November 4 to explore best practices for producing, marketing, and selling graphic novels. The discussion was moderated by Calvin Reid, senior news editor at PW.

The panel of experts included Gina Gagliano, Publicist, First Second Macmillan; Terence Irvins, Assistant Manager; Comics and Graphic Novels Buyer, Kinokuniya Bookstores of America Co., Ltd.; Charles Kochman, Editorial Director, Abrams; and Tony Shenton, Freelance Sales Professional. The discussion focused on the tremendous growth of graphic novels for kids as well as an inside look at the publishing process behind them. All agree that this is an exciting time for the graphic form.

Whether the comics and graphic novels category is called ‘literature’ or still occupies its own, distinctive genre, ‘people are accepting it’ (Publishers Weekly)

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