August 2018

This unique online bibliography features anticipated bestsellers, either recently published or forthcoming, published by CBC members.

Deadly Frogs!Deadly Frogs!
by Meish Goldish
Poison Slimers: Poison Dart Frogs, Sea Cucumbers & MorePoison Slimers
by Ellen Lawrence
Frightening FarmhousesFrightening Farmhouses
by Alex Giannini
This Story Is a LieThis Story Is a Lie
by Tom Pollock
Wonky: A Robotics Club StoryWonky
by Darcy Pattison
Charlotte’s Bones: The Beluga Whale in a Farmer’s FieldCharlotte’s Bones
by Erin Rounds
Acadia Files: Book Two, Autumn ScienceAcadia Files
by Katie Coppens
Henry is Kind: a Story of MindfulnessHenry is Kind
by Linda Ryden
My Dog LaughsMy Dog Laughs
by Rachel Isadora
Harbor MeHarbor Me
by Jacqueline Woodson
El día en que descubres quién eresEl día en que descubres quién eres
by Jacqueline Woodson
How to Scare a GhostHow to Scare a Ghost
by Jean Reagan
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: Bad to the BonesLucy & Andy Neanderthal
by Jeffrey Brown
Catwoman: SoulstealerCatwoman
by Sarah J. Maas
Pizzasaurus RexPizzasaurus Rex
by Justin Wagner
World’s Strangest PlacesWorld’s Strangest Places
by Stuart Derrick, Charlotte Goddard
Access RestrictedAccess Restricted
by Gregory Scott Katsoulis
Iron FlowerIron Flower
by Laurie Forest
When Elephants FlyWhen Elephants Fly
by Nancy Richardson Fischer
What If Everybody Said That?What If Everybody Said That?
by Ellen Javernick
Shhh…God Is in the SilenceShhh…God Is in the Silence
by Fiona Basile
The Dress and the GirlThe Dress and the Girl
by Camille Andros
Miranda and Maude: The Princess and the Absolutey Not A PrincessMiranda and Maude
by Emma Wunsch
Giant DaysGiant Days
by Non Pratt
The Island of HorsesThe Island of Horses
by Eilís Dillon
Carbonel: The King of the CatsCarbonel
by Barbara Sleigh
The Curious LobsterThe Curious Lobster
by Richard W. Hatch
Escape from the BadlandsEscape from the Badlands
by Carrie Jones
Henry and the YetiHenry and the Yeti
by Russell Ayto
The Secrets of TutankhamunThe Secrets of Tutankhamun
by Patricia Cleveland-Peck
The Skies Above My EyesThe Skies Above My Eyes
by Charlotte Gullain
The People AwardsThe People Awards
by Ana Albero
Glow in the Dark: Voyage Through SpaceGlow in the Dark
by Katy Flint
Olive the Sheep Can’t SleepOlive the Sheep Can’t Sleep
by Clementina Almeida
A Moon for Moe and MoA Moon for Moe and Mo
by Jane Breskin Zalben
First Laugh—Welcome, Baby!First Laugh—Welcome, Baby!
by Rose Ann Tahe and Nancy Bo Flood
The Moomins and the Great FloodThe Moomins and the Great Flood
by Tove Jansson
A Calf Named Brian Higgins: An Adventure in Rural KenyaA Calf Named Brian Higgins
by Kristen Ball
Absolute Expert: DinosaursAbsolute Expert
by Lela Nargi
Dog Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to do with your Canine CompanionDog Science Unleashed
by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen
Why Not?: Over 1,111 Answers to EverythingWhy Not?
by Crispin Boyer
Waiting for JoeyWaiting for Joey
by Jean Pennycook
by Gretchen McNeil
Mother Knows Best: A Tale of the Old WitchMother Knows Best
by Serena Valentino
Andi Mack: Tomorrow Starts TodayAndi Mack
by Disney Book Group
House of Dreams: The Life of L. M. MontgomeryHouse of Dreams
by Liz Rosenberg
Angel in BeijingAngel in Beijing
by Belle Yang
My Year in the MiddleMy Year in the Middle
by Lila Quintero Weaver
Hocus & Pocus: The Legend of Grimm’s WoodsHocus & Pocus
by Manuro
Knights Club: The Bands of BraveryKnights Club
by Shuky
Autumn BabiesAutumn Babies
by Kathryn O. Galbraith
Countdown: 2979 Days to the MoonCountdown
by Suzanne Slade
Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers: Celebrating Animal UnderdogsPipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers
by Melissa Stewart
Also an AnimalAlso an Animal
by Lynn Parrish Sutton
Play Me Some MusicPlay Me Some Music
by Emily Bannister
I’ll Root for YouI’ll Root for You
by Edward van de Vendel
by Giovanna Zoboli
Paul Writes (a Letter)Paul Writes (a Letter)
by Chris Raschka
All Kinds of PlanesAll Kinds of Planes
by Carl Johanson
Deadendia: The Watcher’s TestDeadendia
by Hamish Steele
The Dog That Ate the WorldThe Dog That Ate the World
by Sandra Dieckmann
These Rebel WavesThese Rebel Waves
by Sara Raasch
Spirit Hunters #2: The Island of MonstersSpirit Hunters #2
by Ellen Oh
Fierce Like a FirestormFierce Like a Firestorm
by Lana Popovic
Dinosaur Explorers vol. 1: “Prehistoric Pioneers”Dinosaur Explorers vol. 1
by REDCODE, Albbie
The Loud House #4: Family TreeThe Loud House #4
by The Loud House Creative Team
Stitched vol. 2: “Love In The Time of Assumption”Stitched vol. 2
by Mariah McCourt
Mrs. Claus Takes the ReinsMrs. Claus Takes the Reins
by Sue Fliess
Owl Love YouOwl Love You
by Matthew Heroux & Wednesday Kirwan
World’s Strangest Creepy CrawliesWorld’s Strangest Creepy Crawlies
by Stuart Derrick, Charlotte Goddard
World’s Strangest Ocean BeastsWorld’s Strangest Ocean Beasts
by Stuart Derrick, Charlotte Goddard
Duck and Hippo Give ThanksDuck and Hippo Give Thanks
by Jonathan London
by Anna Kang
1919 The Year That Changed America1919 The Year That Changed America
by Martin W. Sandler
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